Henderson County - South Middle School

Site Improvements


Bidding Closed

Prebid Date6/20/19 10:00 am

Bid Date7/3/19 2:00 pm

Company & Contacts


Eric Rang   (812) 422-4187


800 South Alves Street Henderson, KY 42420



A. The Henderson County Board of Education will receive sealed bids for the Bid Package listed for the South Middle School – Site Improvements. Bids will be received at the Henderson County Board of Education, 1805 2nd Street, Henderson, KY 42420 where the bids will be publicly opened and read aloud. All bids must be received on or before 2:00PM (local time), Wednesday July 3rd, 2019. Any bids received after the designated time will be returned unopened. Bids shall be delivered in sealed envelopes bearing the name and address of bidder and indicating identification of the project and with “Attn: Steve Steiner” clearly written on the envelope.

B. The term Project as used herein shall refer to:

South Middle School – Site Improvements
800 South Alves Street
Henderson, KY 42420

C. The term Architect as used herein shall refer to:

Suite 800
21 Southeast Third Street
Evansville, Indiana 47708

D. The term Owner as used herein shall refer to:

Henderson County Schools
1805 2nd Street,
Henderson, KY 42420

E. Proposals for the work as indicated on the contract documents will be received as follows:

Single Prime Contract: Bid shall include General Construction, Civil Construction, Plumbing Construction and Electrical Construction.

F. Procurement of Documents: Bidding documents may be reviewed on-line and purchased from MACO-Evansville Blueprint Co, 600 Court Street, Evansville, Indiana (812.464.8108) upon written request. Requests for Documents to be purchased must contain precise instructions as to the actual Drawing Sheets and Project Manual Sections desired. All such purchased documents will be printed on an individual basis and orders will be filled within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt of written request. Sets of Contract Documents can be obtained by depositing of a check in the amount of $100 per set made payable to Hafer PSC. Full amount of deposit for up to three (3) sets of documents will be refunded to each general contractor upon return of the Contract Documents in good condition within ten (10) days after receipt of bids. MACO-Evansville Blueprint Co. will be the sole judge as to the acceptability of the returned documents.

a. One (1) set of Bidding Documents consists of one (1) Project Manual and one (1) Complete Set of Drawings.

G. Addenda will be issued automatically to all known recipients of complete sets of Bidding Documents only. Other parties may purchase Addenda from MACO-Evansville Blueprint Co.

H. After award of contract, the contractor shall be furnished with Ten (10) sets of plans and specifications. Additional sets of plans and specifications shall be supplied at the Architect’s normal cost of reproduction.

L All work shall meet requirements of the drawings, specifications and other Contract documents prepared by Hafer PSC. These contract documents are on file and may be examined at the office of the Architect.

M. The Owner reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive any informalities in the bidding.

N. All bidders shall submit a list of sub-contractors and suppliers no later than twenty-four (24) hours after receipt of bids. Also include mechanical, plumbing and electrical sub-contractors and suppliers.

O. A pre-bid conference will be held on Thursday June 20 at 10:00 a.m. The location will be at South Middle School, 800 S Alves St. in the library. The pre-bid conference will be attended by representatives of the Owner and the Architect. Pre-Bid meeting is non-mandatory.
P. Each Proposal shall be accompanied by a certified check, cash or bidders bond, executed by the Bidder and Surety Company, IN THE SUM OF NOT LESS THAN FIVE PERCENT (5%) OF THE AMOUNT OF THE BASE PROPOSAL The bid security is required as a guarantee that if the Proposal is accepted a Contract will be immediately entered into and the performance of it properly secured.

Q. Proposal Forms must be properly filled out. No qualifying letters or statements will be considered. No bidder may withdraw a Bid submitted for a period of sixty (60) days after the date set for the opening of Bids.

R. In the event the Bidder to whom the Contract is awarded fails to execute a satisfactory Contract and Bond, he shall be eliminated and shall forfeit his certified check, cash or his Bid bond and shall be liable for the loss occasioned by the owner by such failure.